Carpet Cleaning Experts

Our company offers only the best of carpet cleaning services in Coventry. Top Cleaners Coventry Ltd. ’s team of experienced and fully insured carpet cleaners will bring you the satisfaction. Working with eco-friendly products we will give you the best services available. We offer:

  • Affordable rates.
  • Availability to work on bank holidays and weekends.
  • Pet and child safe products.
  • High-tech solutions to your problems.

Steam Carpet cleaning

Our cleaning technicians begin by inspecting the fibres from which the carpet is made. This way they can determine exactly what kind of detergents are to be of use. Using the proper detergents is essential because we do not wish to harm your belongings. They will pour hot or cold water inside the machine and wait for it to reach high enough temperatures. While that happens they will move the furniture that may be blocking them from doing their job. They will then pre-treat all the high-traffic areas, dirt patches and stains with proper detergents. The machine is to be of use to inject steam inside the carpet. There the steam combines with all the detergents, dirt and grime and is simultaneously sucked out. This way the carpet is completely cleaned. It takes around 30 minutes for the entire procedure to be complete. The carpet will need around 3 hours to completely dry out.

Carpet dry cleaning

Some carpets do not react well with water. As a result, they will contract or expand. For these moments our carpet cleaners use special powder and spray like products. They begin by inspecting the fibres of the carpet. This is done to determine what can and cannot be used on the carpet. They will then pre-treat all the dirt-patches, high-traffic areas and stains on the carpet with the proper detergents. When that is complete a special absorbing powder is distributed on the surface. A special machine with lots of tiny brushes is then used to scrub the powder deep into the carpet. It is later vacuumed off and with that the procedure is complete.