Top Cleaners Coventry Ltd. offers the best gardening services available for the entire Coventry area. With years of experience behind our backs, we have set high standards for all our services. With eco-friendly products at the hands of professionals. Give us a call 24/7 and a team will be on their way. You will be left satisfied with the end result of our work. We strive to give you the best experience possible. With benefits aimed at you that include:

  • Availability to work in bad weather.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Great discounts if you order more than one service.
  • 24/7 customer support that will answer all your questions.

Gardening Services

Lawn mowing & garden care 

To get a great lawn surface, a person has to cut it from time to time. Our vetted technicians understand that. When the grass gets cut, like most plants, its branches come to grow together. When done a person will receive one of the best lawns possible. This is what our technicians are capable of. With a mixture of professional equipment and eco-friendly products, their results are astonishing.

Ivy removal

Despite being a beautiful plant Ivy is capable of bringing great harm. When let loose it can spread across brick and tile works and with time damage them. Not only that but it is known that Ivy spreads around trees as well, which in the end damages them. Due to the glossy nature of Ivy’s leafs, it has a high resistance to weed killers. That is why our vetted gardeners use weed killers which have glyphosate in them. This makes the plant to die quicker and in this way makes the ivy easier for removal. When the plant dies our gardeners will remove the plant. They will do that while being careful not to bring any harm to anything around it.