Rug Cleaning

Top Cleaners Coventry Ltd. offers the best rug cleaning services for the entire Coventry area. We have a team of experienced rug cleaners armed with professional equipment. As a rug cleaning company, we always strives to give only the best of experiences available. Call us 24/7 so that you can see with your eyes our high-quality services. The benefits of the company include:

  • Affordable prices.
  • Eco-friendly, pet and child safe solutions.
  • Great discounts.

Rug steam cleaning

The vetted technicians begin by first inspecting from what materials the rug is made. This way they can determine the exact detergents needed for the job. They will then pour hot or cold water inside the steam producing machine. Wait for it to reach high temperatures. While that happens they will pre-treat all the stains, dirt patches and high-traffic areas with the needed detergents.
A machine injects steam inside the rug. There it combines with all the dirt and detergents. It is simultaneously sucked out of the rug and the procedure is complete. It takes up to 3 hours for a rug to dry. This can be shortened if upon request a special air moving machine is brought or if we open a window.

Dry cleaning of a rug

This is a process that is of use when the materials from which the rug is made are not water resistant. Meaning that the rug will contract or expand. The process uses the spray like and powder products. Since no water based detergents will be of use this services is more a refreshing one than cleaning.
Our vetted cleaning technicians begin by first inspecting the fibres of the rug. That way they determine what products will be of use and what will not. They will then pre-treat all the high-traffic areas, dirt patches and stains on the rug. Then a special absorbing powder is being distributed on the surface. A machine with lots of tiny brushes scrubs the powder deep into the surface of the rug. Later all is vacuumed and the rug cleaning service is complete.